Let The Dog Decide!

One of the biggest, most important training philosophies I have walked away from this FDSA session with: If I expect my dog to be ready to work when I am ready to work, then she should also expect ME to be ready when SHE is ready.

Tonight, my girl was on absolute fire. I have NEVER seen this level of commitment to training from her before. I’ve seen excitement for the food, but this is the first time I’m sure I saw that focus shift from what was in my hand to what we would be doing.

And I was tired. So very tired. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in over 2 weeks for two handfuls of reasons, half of which are work related, the other family/move related. Training wasn’t on my list of things to do tonight. I really just wanted to crash when I came in the door.

But the face that turned to greet me after coming in from our last walk had other ideas. And I jumped on all of them.

The result in choosing to allow my dog DEMAND WORK made a humongous difference tonight. Tell me – do you recognize this dog?

It has been a really long, hard journey. After tonight’s success, I had to go back and watch what we were doing not 5 months ago, in our very first FDSA class.

And it wasn’t pretty. Forcing a dog who doesn’t want to work to try to engage never is pretty.