The Chance

Tempering Piece What is taking so long? Holly stretched against the waiting room couch, uncomfortable and perturbed. Uncomfortably perturbed, even. A glance around the cozy yet cutting edge room told her that she was out of place, yet exactly where she wanted to be. Above the receptionist’s semi-circle desk, set deep in the wall, scenes

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Best Friends

The kitten danced from paw to paw across the living room carpet, chased its tail once, and pounced a toy mouse in one smooth move. Lindsey giggled with sheer delight at her new companion. The purr meant for Lindsey’s ears only seemed to drown out Dora on the TV. She could smell Mommy in the

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Hello, I'm Chrissie!

Writer, Sci-Fi enthusiast, mild gamer, programmer-in-training, artist, photographer, techie, trekkie, geek - just a few titles I find myself going by. But hey, you found my corner of the world, and I'm so happy you did! Oh, and this is Ember.