Shaping 3: Different Material

Ember seems to be resistant to wanting to do the same thing every day. Today I wanted to see if the material she was aiming for could be changed to raise her enthusiasm. While she likes to grab socks on occasion, using one makes her reach into my space and is tempting to just lip or get the edge of her teeth on.

So today I bought a simple little $1 flying ring. I could tell it was the perfect size for her mouth to fit around, but had a large enough circumference to let her grab it without reaching into my space. Knowing yesterday she turned off pretty quickly from training, I made a few decisions.

  1. We would only do 1 session total
  2. This would be a very short session
  3. There would be some hand targets thrown in to change it up even more.

This allowed us to leave training while she was still in a good mood and before she could tell me she was through.